support worker with elderly patient

Respite Support

Maplewood Independent Living’s respite support service enables people who already care for someone, whether it be as a primary carer, family or friend, to have a break from their responsibilities.

Our respite support service provides uninterrupted continuity of home care and support with both the individual’s needs and the carer’s peace of mind provided for.

Respite support may be required for many reasons whether the usual carer has an appointment, illness or holiday, or that as a family member and full time carer, you simply require a break to look after yourself, whether for a few hours or to have a holiday.

Our vast wealth of experience and highly trained team can provide comprehensive bespoke support for any situation.

home care worker with elderly lady
healthcare worker holding stethoscope in heart shape

We provide the very best respite care services across Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.

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